MTOWN interview – prevention of illegal factories and operation risks

December 2, 2020


Our company was selected as a project of Malaysian weekly free paper MTOWN [Vol.1 to ask seasonal topics], and Asst Marketing Manager Shuhei Okuda was interviewed.

Mega Global Media Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, which publishes MTOWN, is a company that provides practical and useful information on a daily day-to-day for Japanese residents, short-term residents, and those interested in Malaysia, based on the concept of “making Malaysian life more enjoyable and enriched”.

The theme of this interview is [5,589 illegal factories found in Selangor province – 2020/11/05] released on MTOWN’s website on November 5, 2020.

November 3, 2020 The Government of Selangor revealed that 5,589 factories operating illegally in the state.
This arrest has also become a hot topic among many Japanese companies operating in Malaysia.

In the interview, based on the experience of supporting many Japanese companies’ projects, we talked about what kind of illegality is actually possible and how illegal factories and illegal operation risks can be prevented in advance.

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