Site Policy

Site policy

This website aims to provide information about the activities of Plus PM Consultant Sdn bhd and PlusPM (“our company). Please note the following terms of use of our website.


All the contents including text, graphic design, trademark, logo and images published on our website (“website data”) are copyrighted and the property of the author who created them (“copyright owner”). Without prior permission of the copyright owner, reproduction, printing, sending, distribution, amendment, deletion of the website data except legally excepted item are considered illegal 

About the contents

Please note that the contents of website data is not guaranteed. We shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages suffered for your use of our website data. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue any of the contents of the website without prior notice.

About the links

Other links provided in our website (“other links”) are not managed by our company and the contents are not guaranteed, We shall not be held responsibilities or liable for any damages suffered for your use of other link.

About the settings of our company links

If you wish to set our company link in your website, please contact us in advance and furnish the information of the user, contact number, email address, URL for the link, link publish duration etc. Permission may not be granted in the event of publication of cooperation relationship between the companies, existence of risks that could damage reputation of our company, publication against public order and morals.

Privacy policy

Plus PM consultant Sdn Bhd and PlusPM (“our company”) respect the privacy of our clients. Personal information of our clients shall be handled as follows:

  1. When personal information of our Client is required, we will specify our purpose of use and obtain only the required information from the Client.
  2. We shall only apply personal information of the Client within the specified range. Except legally accepted contents, if we wish to use such information beyond the specific range, we shall obtain prior permission from the Client.
  3. We will assign administer for appropriate management of the personal information of the Client and strictly against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage to the information.
  4. We will not disclose the personal information of the Client to any third parties unless it is permitted by the Client or legally accepted.In addition, agreement etc will be made for proper supervision of personal information provided to third parties.
  5. We shall correspond to any enquiry, corrections on the personal information of the Client made by the Client immediately within the reasonable area.
  6. We take efforts to adhere to the above and comply to the applicable laws and regulations related to the personal information of the Client.

Privacy Policy - About Access Log

At our website, the information of the accessed person is recorded in the form of access log. The access log includes the domain name and IP address of the person who accessed, type of browser being used, access date and time etc.
The access logs are utilized for statistical analysis on the maintenance and usage of website, it is not to be used for other purposes.

Privacy Policy - About Cookies

Cookie is the data sent and received between the browser and the server of your computer so that you can browse our site more conveniently when you visit our site again.
Cookies are saved in your browser and may be referenced from the server, but files sent as cookies from our site do not contain personal information, they do not infringe your privacy and will not adversely affect your computer.

At our website, the browsing history collected by cookies may correlate with personal information collected in advance by our company.