Engineering Management

Managing Construction engineering and equipment

These days, engineering in plants and production facility utilities are getting more complicated due to demand for high quality and various types of products and energy/resource saving.

Are you facing any of these issues?

Plus PM provides “Engineering Management.”

What is Engineering Management?

Engineering Management is the method that optimizes quality, cost and delivery schedule while coordinate and discuss with a client and an equipment vendor during the project term from feasibility study stage to practical completion handover. A professional constructional engineering supports a client to make design qualification and specification sheet and to select a suitable equipment vendor by evaluating their skill, cost and schedule.
This method is used in various constructional engineering field such as factory, logistics, plant, energy, chemistry, medical, pharmaceutical, construction engineering, food and beverage and other field where the project needs professional with in-depth sustainable engineering solution and energy management.

Our Engineering Management

Our construction engineering consultants, who understands manufacturing and production process and specification of equipment, manages requirements from client‘s plant manager and manufacturing engineering and supports to prepare specifications and concept drawings to meet the client’s requirements.
We centrally manage all the information of people in charge of each building and engineering so that we can propose the most suitable solutions for client’s project to proceed. For smooth progress for the project, we provide a total support from the Basic Plan phase to completion of the building with the client’s perspective. By ensuring that building and Engineering process operations are best-in-class, you can boost productivity, cut costs and introduce more flexibility into production.

Engineering Management Workflow

Plus PM provides a total support for the project from Basic Plan Phase to the completion with perspective of a client.


Three advantages of Engineering Management of Plus PM

Project Organization (Example)

Engineer in Plus PM manages all the information for the project and promotes the project smoothly.

Engineering management project organization

Our Service

Plus PM customizes services suitable for client’s project.


Feasibility study

  • Investigation of current condition
  • Checking the requirement for manufacturing engineering
  • Check Authorities’ requirement
  • Check Authorities’ requirement of drainage, exhaust gas and waste
  • Making a concept design schedule
  • Estimation of project budget
  • Prepare master schedule
  • Manage for FEED

Supporting the selection of equipment vendor and contractor

  • Proposal for suitable procurement methods
  • Procurement management
  • Tender management
  • Schedule management for installing equipment
  • Evaluation/negotiation with contractor
  • Checking the contracts

Management for design of building and equipment

  • Design coordination between construction and engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Design schedule management
  • Management of Authority submission schedule
  • Checking drawings and documents
  • Checking the documents for Authority submission

Management of construction

  • Site supervision
  • Progress report
  • Quality/schedule management
  • Validation Order
  • HSE management
  • Inspection

Testing and commissioning

  • Support preparation for test run
  • Operation training
  • Analysis of the test result
  • Support for troubleshooting


With know-how and experiences of a lot of project in ASEAN
Plus PM support the launch the project and optimizes quality, cost and schedule.

Ajinomoto (m) berhad new factory plant project


Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Approx. 53,200m²

Organization for the project
Total management of the equipment vendor, the main contractor and the consultant.


Managing the total process from Basic Plan Phase to Operation Phase

Workflow en
  • Checking the existing factory, needs for the new factory and criteria of equipment and supporting to make the basic plan.
  • Assessing tenderers by technical proposal, commercial proposal, etc., supporting to choose the best contractor and coordinating between the contractor and the engineering company.
  • Providing a total support from the beginning stage till starting the operation including quality check and installation of equipment.
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