Advantages of Local Contractor

20% cost reduction by using Local Contractors

In our experience in ASEAN, the difference in construction cost may exceed “20%” when Tendering the exact same building between an international contractor and a local contractor.

So why is there a “20%” difference in construction costs between the international main contractor and the local contractor? In addition, we will explain the merits and points of using local contractors.

Construction cost comparison top

The above figure shows a case of directly requesting a International Contractor and a Local Contractor.
Referring to the figure, the major factors of the cost difference are the following 3 points.

Tender Result managed by Plus PM Consultant
(about 5,000m² office and warehouse)

General contractor img02

The difference between International Contractors and Local Contractors was an average of 26% and a maximum of 37%.
Total construction cost is approximately 3% on average for RM10,000,000 (270 million yen) scale project and the difference in the amount of RM500,000 (9,600 yen) and the maximum value of about RM5,500,000 (150 million yen) is very large.* As of October 2018

We bring out the cost competitiveness of Local Contractors and minimize risks

Although it is possible to reduce the cost to 20% by using a local contractor,

It can be said that the awareness about the schedule implementation has greatly improved, but it is also possible to hear the project’s dissatisfaction of the quality and the delay of the schedule occurred.

Plus PM Consultant supports Clients project

In Plus PM Consultant has large number of employees who has experience of project in ASEAN.

We provide safe & reliable support specifically on the local conditions.

The systematized methods in each stages of the plus PM Consultant

Tender Stage

At the Tender stage, it is very important to present various contract conditions. Only those companies that have agreed to the conditions described in the tender guidelines can participate in the tender.
Ex) Tender Bond ,Defects Notification Period, Insurance, Payment Terms and Performance Security, Delay Damages (LAD) for the whole Works, Warranty, etc.

Tender Specification Document

General contractor img03 compr

Tender Specification Document

General contractor img04

Contract Stage

At the contract stage, we confirm the contract price and payment terms, negotiate and check quality control and delivery terms, and guarantee penalty in accordance with the tender outline before signing the contract. It is an important to minimize the risk and eliminate the trouble in the future.

L.O.I (Business start-up instruction) materials

General contractor img05

Contract Terms and Conditions(FIDIC)materials

General contractor img06

Construction stage

At the construction stage, our staff will be based at the site for management. We inspect not only the quality and schedule, but also the safety and the environmental situation, and if there are any problems, we grasp them at an early stage, and carry out corrective instructions immediately.

During the payment stage, we evaluate and confirm the consistency with the site.

We will be based on the site and manage the inspection

General contractor img07

Instruction of quality improvement

General contractor img08

Handover Stage

During the Handover phase, we will follow the instructions carefully, checking the quality and schedule until the complete delivery. We then review and negotiate the V.O quotation for the additional items under construction stage, and make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

Handover inspection

General contractor img09

Assessment of V.O

General contractor img10

How this benefits for Clients

With your project managed by a Plus PM consultant, you will feel safe and experience cost savings as well.

Construction cost comparison bottom

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