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Joji Kimura

CEO & Managing Director

Plus PM Co., Ltd. celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2021.
Eight years have passed since the establishment of the local subsidiary Plus PM Consultant Sdn. Bhd. in ASEAN. We are always grateful to the clients who support us.
The mission of the Plus PM Group is “always do our best to make the project successful”, and the vision is “We will become No.1 PM / CM company in ASEAN”. Unless we constantly grow in line with the changing times, we will not be able to continue to meet the expectations of our clients.

When the building is completed, the project is not complete. We think that a building that is loved by people and businesses over a long period of time, such as “how the business of the client will develop while using the building, how satisfied the employees working there will be, and how much the visitors will enjoy it” would be in demand in the future.

QCD is an important factor in project management.
Q is quality, C is cost, and D is delivery (schedule), and it is generally thought that if you make something with good quality, the cost will increase. However, there is always a limit in client’s budget. That is why in Plus PM, we are always thinking about how to achieve quality results within that constraint by applying our skills and experience. We manage each and every project with the know-how accumulated from the experience. In addition, Plus PM goes beyond the boundaries of conventional PM / CM companies to meet various client issues such as management improvement, marketing, and productivity improvement. We will be a PM / CM company that contributes to the development of the company through construction project management.

For example, in our “Tokyo Cooperative Association Hall Project”, which has won the 2018 Excellence CM Award organized by The Construction Management Association of Japan (CMAJ), we conducted market research and considered together with our client “what kind of building is lovable by local people?” and proceeded the project it has been several years since the project was completed, and it is functioning exactly as planned and has become a facility that loved by the local people

We will also continue to expand the PM / CM business in ASEAN, where economic growth is remarkable. Accurate and precise Project management services as a Japanese PM / CM company has a good reputation not only among Japanese clients but also by foreign companies.

In Malaysia’s “J’s Gate Dining Project”, which has won the 2019 Excellence CM Award, we checked all M & E items such as drainage, water supply, electricity, and air conditioning to renovate the entire floor of a commercial facility which was built decades ago, and we proposed the optimal renewal plan. As a result, we were able to achieve cost reductions beyond the client’s expectations and complete the project successfully

In the future, we aim to become the first-call company for investors not only from Japan but also other countries when they invest and expand their business in ASEAN. People will say “speaking of construction project, PLUS PM” The greatest strength of Plus PM is our professional employees who are close to our customers.

In our company, we always say, “Let’s work with the feeling that money is out of our wallet. Let’s work with the feeling of building our own house.”
Together with these proud staff, we will continue to contribute to the development of our clients’ business and society through PM / CM services.

Joji Kimura

CEO & Managing Director

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