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One-stop consulting service for ASEAN expansion

We provide a one-stop consulting service for ASEAN expansion

We deliver total management services with Client point of view between your country and ASEAN from the planning phase to completion of the construction, including site selecting consultation in purchasing or leasing, construction concept planning, research of construction-related low and regulations and construction cost in collaboration with local consultants, and manage Tender process for selecting the best contractor.

And, the cases of inquiry for our management services to support foreign-affiliated companies expanding their business into the Japanese market have been dramatically increasing.

Plus PM Group will support clients’ overseas construction projects at all stages of the project, from feasibility studies to construction and commissioning, in collaboration with the Japanese headquarters and local partners in ASEAN, even in areas other than Malaysia and Vietnam.

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Assisting Client Companies to Expand ASEAN

In order to proceed smoothly with the ASEAN construction project, our local staff who are familiar with the local culture and customs will analyze the issues peculiar to overseas projects and implement optimal management on behalf of the client. In addition, we will provide services that are conscious of risk management peculiar to the local area by predicting land acquisition support, government office application procedures, delays in construction period of local construction companies, etc. Also, regarding the establishment of a company, it is possible to introduce a reliable business operator from our network obtained by setting up a local base.


Assisting Foreign-Affiliated Companies to Expand Business into the Japanese Market

Taking advantage of having a head office in Japan, we will provide services that meet the needs of our clients after fully understanding the differences in culture and customs between Japan and the home country of foreign companies.

Providing information on construction market conditions and trends in Japan, procurement support for specialized consultants and construction companies, legal restrictions in locally planned basic plans, etc.

We manage the differences that arise from the construction management culture peculiar to overseas and Japan, and support the creation of books and communication in English.

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Our professional teams provide cost management strategy and commercial management advice that ensure value for money within any budget
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