Below are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our consulting services.

A. Plus PM Consultant is an independent project management company that is not related to consultants or contractors. Therefore there is no conflict of interests and it is the major strength that secure a genuine third party and we can fully support our Clients at the Clients’ point of view when it comes to consultant or contractor selection.

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A. The project management service of Plus PM is from creating a master plan at feasibility study stage and based on the plan, prepare optimum construction budget and master schedule. To realize this plan, propose the selection of best suited consultant and contractor for the client.

On the other hand, if the Client requests similarly to a general contractors, the general contractors could also prepare and submit master plan, construction budget, master schedule. But such schedule and budget submitted will be based on the general contractor’s perspective. As the Client has limited overseas construction information, it is difficult for the Client to make right judgments on information submitted by the general contractors.

Another benefit of ordering Plus PM Consultant is we are able to propose various ways to proceed with the project in accordance with Client’s request.

Either with Japanese or local contractor selection, we could provide quality and schedule management etc.

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A. We could provide services from any stage as requested. However, the effect would maximize if our services are adopted in the early stage of project.

A. Factory, laboratory, logistics, commercial, housing, medical facilities (hospital) etc. For any type of building, please contact us first.

A. Plus PM Consultant is based in Malaysia, until now, besides Malaysia, we have entrusted with projects in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Currently, we are participating projects of Japanese companies in Jakarta with our reliable local partner (partner company: PT. ASIA CIVIL INDONESIA, https://www.asiacivil.com)

In Japan, we collaborate with our parent company, PlusPM Co., Ltd. (Japan), to support our Clients’ overseas projects,Also, for ASEAN-to-Japan investment projects, we are also able to provide our services collaborating with PlusPM Co., Ltd. (Japan).

For any area of project, please feel free to contact us.

A. We have many achievements since the company’s establishment in 2013, in Malaysia and surrounding countries, our achievements include large-scale commercial facilities, condominiums, factories, pharmaceutical research institutes, large-scale logistics, cold warehouses etc. Although our Clients are mainly Japanese leading companies, we have been receiving many enquiries from global and local companies recently.

A. In Plus PM Consultant, most of the Japanese and local staff have experience of working with Japanese general contractors. Our Japanese staff has good working experience in ASEAN. So as our in-house PM (Project Manager), Structural Engineer, M&E Engineer and QS (Quantity Surveyor), our team members have good construction knowledge and experience in ASEAN.

A. A standard of 2-5% of construction cost if all stages of project from basic planning until completion of project are handled. We can submit an estimate for project, so please contact us first.

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