Groundbreaking Ceremony – Nagoya automobile 3S center construction project

April 20, 2020

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Construction of NAGOYA AUTOMOBILE MALAYSIA HOLDING SDN BHD (hereinafter NAM) is a new concept store 3S (Sales, Service, Spare Parts) Centre for the domestic car “PERODUA“ in Malaysia.

NAM was established by Nagoya Daihatsu Co., Ltd. (changed the company name to Aichi Daihatsu in April 2020) in response to a call from Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., an investment company of PERODUA.

This new 3S Center will have the same functions as Japanese stores, and we are focusing on making facilities / equipment that will increase CS (customer satisfaction) by increasing ES (employee satisfaction). Plus PM Consultant received consultation from the land selection stage, and conducted land diagnosis, design management, business registration, tendering process for local construction companies, cost negotiation, contract check. We are deeply convinced that the construction took place safely. Even at the construction stage, we will keep costs, quality, schedule, consider safety and environment, and carry out strong overall management until the very end of the success of the project. And we will work as a team to manage risk after operation.


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