July 17, 2018

“TOPPING OUT CEREMONY” was held to celebrate the completion of concrete placement on the level 32 top floor of the A Tower (equivalent to above ground total 33 floors in Japan) of the O`HAKO RESIDENSI project.

The weather was also very favorable, and we were able to perform the final casting with all the parties involved.

TOPPING OUT CEREMONY is known as the origin and one of the ceremonies that originated from the ancient Scandinavian religious ritual of placing new trees on top of the building to comfort the spirit of the trees that were originally relocated and felled due to the construction work. It is one of the popular events that is taking place in other countries when placing the last beam of the building or when the last block, brick, etc. is piled up (Quote, Wikipedia)

In Japan it is known as positioning the roof-laying ceremony.

At Plus PM Consultant, we fully understand the customs and processes uniqueness compared to other countries that are not found in Japan, and with that commit to promote the project smoothly.

We will continue to work harder to support the project until the completion of the O`HAKO RESIDENSI project.



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