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Engaged in all overseas business from planning to execution of management plan on the global stage

Yusuke Morino


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Please tell us about your work

Since the establishment of our Malaysia subsidiary Plus PM Consultant Sdn Bhd in 2013, I am assigned as the Director. In 2021, with the establishment of our Vietnam Office, I also take up the role as the Overseas Business Manager of Plus PM Group and was responsible in organizational management of overseas branches, marketing work to cultivate new customers, human resources development.


How do you contribute to Plus PM Everything is based on Client ’s point of view?

We believe that the project criteria is “Everything is based on Client’s point of view”. We continue to learn with our staff the importance of being at the client’s perspective when proposing solutions to the various challenges that arise in a project.

In general, engineers often find a solution from their own experience and believe that it is what the client wants. But I don’t think that’s the case.

For projects involving our members, we believe it is important to discuss internally what criteria the client should prioritize and decide the direction to proceed. We also practice having a multifaceted perspective in social movements and marketing study sessions.


What do you most enjoy about working at Plus PM Consultant?

Based in Malaysia, Plus PM Consultant has gained a lot of experience in ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, as well as in China and Europe, and has built up results that satisfy our customers.

Nowadays, well-known global companies are calling us for participation in their projects.

Our work begins with the planning and making a strategy on how to proceed with the project, formulating the basic concept, preparing the construction budget to lead the project to success, managing the site at the construction stage and consistently lead the project.

As a client’s agent, not an architect or a contractor, we will utilize our experience and knowledge to control the project while aiming for overall optimization.

It’s a job that has a lot of responsibility to determine the success or failure of a project, and it’s a very rewarding and attractive job.

One of the appeals of Plus PM Consultant is that you can take on many such global projects.


How do you see the organizational vision developing for ASEAN No. 1?

One of our goals is to become the No. 1 PM company in ASEAN. The definition of ASEAN No. 1 is that customer satisfaction is the highest among PM / CM companies in ASEAN.

What is needed to achieve this is to have the client’s perspective and to work as a team. Working as a team allows highly specialized employees to engage in discussions and reflect more advanced techniques and know-how in their projects. It is also important to share information quickly, and I believe that the relationship of trust among employees is important for that.

At the marketing stage for large-scale projects, global PMCs based in the world compete, and project problem-finding ability and innovative solution ability are required. I am improving my ability to create proposals and presentations that give clients empathy every day.


Please give a message to applicants

In the growing ASEAN economy, you have the opportunity to experience the PM / CM industry growing with you as part of a team of diverse backgrounds.

Multinational members such as Japanese, Malaysian, and Filipino are active here.

Our main clients are Japanese manufacturing companies and developers of commercial facilities, but recently, the number of companies in ASEAN countries and Western companies has increased.

The strengths of Plus PM Consultant are problem-solving ability and detailed on-site management ability that are unique to Japanese PM companies.

I think that what is important in this work is true communication skills.

True communication skills are essential skills to read potential project challenges, better control stakeholders, and achieve goals. Our mission is to lead one project to the goal with people of different languages, cultures and customs.

In overseas projects, there are many cases where the mechanism, rules, and resources are not in place.

That is why the power to break through one by one, to overcome and promote unprecedented things, is of utmost importance.

Technology is of course important, but technology alone cannot solve anything. We are looking for voluntary, solvable and breakthrough members who can work together on the project.

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