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Our People - Project Manager

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A place where I can experience the feeling of growth and the joy of taking on challenges

Eric Ng

Project Manager

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Please tell us about your work

As a project manager, I am in charge of many ASEAN projects such as bid management, site management, building surveys and contract management for large projects.

I have been highly trusted and evaluated by major Malaysian developers through the projects I am in charge of.


What made you decide to join Plus PM Consultant?

My previous job was working for a general contractor and managing the site. For further career development, I wish to be involved not only in the construction site management, but also able to manage from the upper stream of a project such as feasibility study and business strategy planning stages.

I decided to join the company because I was convinced that Plus PM Consultant offers the opportunity to be involved in a large-scale project from the basic concept stage and I could take on new challenges that I would not be able to experience from my previous company.


Which project are you most proud of at Plus PM Consultant?

This is a large-scale development project for renting Build to Suit (BTS) type logistics facilities and factories by a major developer JV company.

This project is the first project that I was in charge of from the bidding stage to the delivery to the tenant for the first time since I joined Plus PM Consultant. The building itself was a simple warehouse, but the challenge for this project was managing the general contractors that were ordered separately.

In particular, the contractors have low awareness of safety and health and schedule management, so together with our full-time site engineer, we provide thorough and accurate guidance at site.

We were able to obtain satisfaction from our clients for being able to complete the building within the scheduled construction period without any accidents or disasters.

It was a good opportunity for me to learn the management method at the construction stage.


What is the appeal of Plus PM Consultant workplace?

It is fun to learn new skills with the team to figure out how we can develop strategies and work together as a team to solve the challenges of the complex projects.

It is really exciting to think about “what is the client’s goal?” and “what are the resources and strategies required for that goal?” including cost, schedule, and quality.

In particular, in one project, amid the crisis of construction interruption due to the new coronavirus, many stakeholders were put together to complete the building within the scheduled construction period. The pressure was great, but the joy of achieving it was something I couldn’t get in the general contractor era.

I feel that having a general contractor background allows me to truly understand both clients’ and contractors’ intentions. It is rewarding to be able to compete by utilizing these experience and knowledge.


How has your career at Plus PM Consultant developed?

Now I am concentrating on experiencing management at the basic planning stage and the tender stage, which I have not experienced when I was working with a general contractor.

At the same time, I lead the project from the client’s point of view, and I feel that I am steadily acquiring skills by building relationships of trust with clients, consultants, and other project members.

After accumulating achievements as a project manager, I have a goal to be involving in marketing.

In Plus PM Consultant, I can be involved in many projects of different sizes and uses from many clients. I think it’s a great place to grow.

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