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CEO's Message

From the upstream of dynamic business

Joji Kimura

Companies nowadays are increasingly considering the factors of society when investing in construction, factors such as improving the working environment, considering ESG, and working on SDGs, besides pursuing sales and profits and operating the company.

Seeking a business that truly meets the needs of our clients

What Plus PM Consultant values is “managing from the perspective of management”. With our support, we promise that the client’s company would be developed and the people working there would be happy.

Plus PM Co., Ltd., which was founded in Japan in 1986, was an Architect Office at the beginning, after searching for a business that truly helps customers, we changed our business from Architect Office to PM / CM Consulting service.

In 2013, we further expanded our services in the rapidly growing ASEAN region and established a local subsidiary, Plus PM Consultant Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

In PM/CM, we often support our client from the basic concept phase, as well as important phases for the client, such as land selection support, construction planning, budget estimation, etc.

Now, we have offices in Malaysia and Vietnam to manage Client projects in ASEAN countries and Eastern Europe.

Global project opportunities

Plus PM Consultant’s strength lies in its top-level technical and human skills.
Specifically, it is our corporate culture that we place the client’s business as top priority, and respect and value our colleagues. This corporate culture has become our strong point in supporting the projects of our client globally.

The difference between Plus PM Consultant and general contractors is that “we are involved from the start of the project”. Our job is to develop a new construction strategy from scratch. Working together with multinational members to manage a project requires more business skills than you can imagine, and through your work you can grow. And you will acquire not only specialized knowledge, but also communication skills, marketing skills, and relationships building skills.
Plus PM Consultant has growth opportunities to become world-class consultant.

Working with clients of global companies make us grow.

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