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Our People - Finance, HR & Admin

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Excited in taking up the challenges not on in ASEAN countries but also globally

SB Lai

Finance, HR & Admin

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Please tell us about your work

As one of the founding members of Plus PM Consultant, I am taking charge of management departments such as finance, human resources, general affairs, and document management since the establishment of the company.


What made you decide to join Plus PM Consultant?

In my previous job, I worked with a Japanese general contractor . Seeing the limited of continued opportunities for growth, I decided to look for a different field where I could expand my experience and abilities.

Around that time, an old colleague informed me that Japan’s number one PM / CM company would be establishing its overseas subsidiary in Malaysia, and I decided to join Plus PM Consultant with expectations for future possibilities.


What is the reward working with Plus PM Consultant?

Plus PM Consultant has continued growing into a company that is capable in dealing with global companies which could not be imagined at the time of its establishment.

I find it very rewarding to support such a company as the person in charge of the management department.

When it was first established, Plus PM Consultant was a new company in Malaysia that no one knew.

However, by accumulating achievements to date, we have grown to be recognized not only by Japanese companies but also by the world’s top companies as a Malaysian CM / PM company. Furthermore, we have expanded our business internationally including in China and Europe. This has also expanded my area of activities to work with various international experts specialized in legal and tax affairs.

With the increasing responsibility, I am motivated and work with a strong sense of accomplishment.


What is the appeal of Plus PM Consultant workplace?

Our corporate culture of “everything is from the client’s point of view”, which is the company’s management philosophy, is rooted in all staff.

Team play, in which teams can collaborate with the same philosophy, is so powerful because it creates an environment where you can work without stress while increasing motivation. Plus PM Consultant is a company that always considers the standpoint of the other party.

If one employee is facing difficulties at work, all other members will sincerely offer help without hesitation. All employees also exchange opinions at all times.

When something difficult happens in your life, including personal matters, you can always honestly say “I need your help” to each other.

The work culture and environment in Plus PM always allow me to work in harmony and interact with each other with a strong relationship of trust.


How has your career at Plus PM Consultant developed?

In Plus PM Consultant, other than the thorough training for job competency, frequent study sessions on management philosophy such as asking ourselves “what is work?”, “what is happiness” etc. are always being conducted. Here, we get the chance to hone our business skills as well as human skills.

I truly feel that I am growing through these study sessions. Together with our well-equipped team, I am looking forward to the exciting challenges as the company enters the global market, it would be a great growth in my career.

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