Teamwork and cultural diversity

Our Basic Principle

Everything is based on Client’s point of view

Preserving Client‘s growth and happiness of all our staff by providing utmost service with grateful heart and expression

Our duty is to provide solutions for the clients’ issues. Our role is different from design company or general contractor, we grasp the key issues in advance and provide solutions. Our eyes are from both the client’s point of view and management’s point of view in order to ensure the client’s business is successful.

We are able to work because of the support from many people around us, including our clients, partnered companies, colleagues and family members. It is important to always have a sense of gratitude to those around us in order to be trusted with each other and work together. We express our feeling in words like, “Thank you, I always appreciate your efforts”. By making it into words, our thoughts will be delivered to the others.
By showing our appreciation , the teamwork improves, and the quality of services to our client improves.

We value this management philosophy, and all our team members work with the same philosophy.

Our Principles of Action

We will become No. 1 PM & CM Company in ASEAN

What is the definition of ASEAN No. 1?

Definition of “No. 1 in ASEAN” is that clients’ satisfaction is No. 1 in ASEAN, and to be able to manage from clients’ point of view in ASEAN.

It is important that we understand the client’s situation from the beginning, so we could propose the ultimate solutions to the client and taking appropriate actions. Our goal is to become a NO.1 company that everyone desires to work in the construction industry.

Develop your skills and experience

Successful projects with teamwork

We work proactively, with passion and intense desire in our hearts, and continue to take on new challenges.

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Utilize the experience from design consultants and contractors

We have many engineers who worked with consultant offices and major contractors and have experience in overseas construction projects and are very familiar with the ASEAN construction circumstances In Plus PM, you can demonstrate your experience from consultant office or contractor from the standpoint of the client.


Challenging ASEAN projects

Our offices are located in Kuala Lumpur and Hanoi and we participate in many overseas projects. You will also have the opportunity to play an active role in projects in ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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Human Resources Development

To create a place for employees to develop their abilities, we provide on-the-job training conducted by managers at each workplace and training by professional lecturers.

Our team members are proactive in improving their own abilities, there are study sessions among team members several times a month where each employee shares their knowledge and experience and gain a lot of learning in order for them to elevate their standard as a project manager.


Inclusive Management Styles

We hold management meeting at the beginning of a fiscal term where all employees are participating. While exchanging opinions with all employees, we create a management plan after analyzing the internal and external environments and examining the action plan. And at monthly meetings, we share the income statement and value management transparency.

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Healthy work-life balance

We have a culture of sharing information and working as a team, so we are able to create a work-life balanced work environment.

We are creating a workplace where you can enjoy your work and spend your leisure time.

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